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Client Testimonials

"Tyler did an amazing job! We needed about 4 articles a month to be written on somewhat of a boring subject and he was able to create topic ideas, do the research and produce a well written article that help us gain rankings on Google's Search Engine." (Upwork)

"Tyler was fantastic to work with. His work was both educational and fun to read, which is exactly what I was looking for. Not only that but I changed the ebook content to be something different than the job posting itself, and Tyler was amazingly fluid. His communication with me was fantastic and consistent, and he finished the ebook creation days before we agreed upon. I would absolutely recommend him." (Upwork)

"Tyler has been very efficient and knew how to combine his skills to my needs. I highly recommend him for his copywriting skills." (Upwork)

"Tyler is top notch at the articles he wrote for us. He was able to take over responsibilities of content strategy, research, creative writing, and proof reading. He has exceptional attention to detail while producing the pieces and was able to write in the industry's jargon. He is an asset to any agency's team that is looking to remove that hat." (LinkedIn)

"Tyler wrote for me for two years, and I thoroughly enjoyed editing his work. He proved always eager to take on an assignment, even if it wasn't glamorous. His passion is also evident in his editorial voice—but it's tempered by a genuine and mature desire to understand subjects. He also got stuff in on time. I think these are an ideal combination of traits for any good reporter." (LinkedIn)

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